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Dana DeArmond (born June 16, 1979 in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA) is an American porn actress. Active from her debut in 2005 (age: 26) until today.

Dana was born in 1979 in North Carolina, USA. As teenager she was a figure skater.

Dana worked as a stripper in Florida and California.

Dana become known because she had over 300.000 friends on MySpace.

In 2005, at the age of 26, Dana started her career as porn actress.

In the porn documentaries "Dana DeArmond Does the Internet" and "Dana DeArmond's Role modeling", Dana helps people to get into the adult business.

In January 2007, Dana's house has been destroyed by a fire.

Dana DeArmond has been photographed by Glenn Francis among others. more

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  • Facesitting is a sexual act. One partner sits with the genitals right on the face of the other, usually to allow oral stimulation.
  • Chronophilia is the sexual preference for significantly older or younger partner.
  • Mucophagia is the sexual arousal by nasal mucus.