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Could a category for Celebrities be added to the navigation menu? I think it would be great if hot celebs specially hot female celebs bios and their unavoidable scandals specially the ever ubiquitous sex tape when and if it emerges.

Just a suggestion. I'd create the category if allowed.

Hey PunkMaisterÔÇÄ, thanks a lot for your contributions! The celebrity category is a good idea, we have that in the German version too. However, we do not have it in the main menu, because otherwise we would have millions of links there. We use the celebrity category as a subcategory of actors, please check de:Kategorie:Darsteller. Here on the other hand we don't have that much subcategories yet, so for now i put a celeb link in the menu (I'm probably gonna change that in the future, if there are too many subcategories like in the German version). As for news, we can put new celebrity sex news in Pornopedia:News so it will appear on the main page. In addition a news section can be created in each celebrity article where the same information is gathered (like "Aktuelles" in the German version, please check: de:Annina#Aktuelles). Thanks + cheers, --Till Kraemer 11:22, 19 August 2010 (CEST)