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Xania Wet (born August 30, 1991 in Cottbus, Brandenburg, Germany) is a German porn actress and camgirl.

Xania Wet is known for her natural and youthful charm and started her career as a camgirl and amateur actress. Since June 1, 2012 she is a contract star of the German studio Eronite® Movie Productions and appeared alongside Maria Mia in "Das Lesbencasting 3 - Eronite sucht einen neuen Star".

On August 4, 2012, Xania Wet won the first "Pornstar Fights" in the Hamburger club "Equinoxe" against her predecessor, the ten years older Annika Bond.

Xania is nominated for the Venus Award 2012 in the category "Beste Newcomerin". more

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  • Facesitting is a sexual act. One partner sits with the genitals right on the face of the other, usually to allow oral stimulation.
  • Chronophilia is the sexual preference for significantly older or younger partner.
  • Mucophagia is the sexual arousal by nasal mucus.