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CurlyAnn (born September 1, 1982 in Berlin, Germany) is a German amateur porn actress who also works as a camgirl.

CurlyAnn started her career in the amateur sector and began to work as a camgirl at the end of 2010. Her motivation: living out her preference to show herself to other people and to shoot video clips.

CurlyAnn became known in the Gangbang scene of Berlin, Germany, as the blond girl next door: natural, nice and sweet, but highly dirty.

In January 2011, for the first time she appeared in a movie produced by Videorama, "Exzesse beim Porno-Dreh". She then worked for several production companies like GGG John Thompson, Inflagranti, Eronite, Magma, MMV, GMV and Orion.

Eronite® Reality

At the end of June 2011 she appeared with Annika Bond and Dirty Danni in the Eronite® reality series "Das Lesbencasting", in which she was "tested" intensely by the "jury chairwoman" Annika Bond. more

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  • Sitophilia describes sex with food.
  • Abattage is a sexual technique from the BDSM scene and describes a master who rents his slave to a third person.
  • Cryophilia is the desire to have sex outside at sub-zero temperatures.