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The Pornopedia admins try to edit or delete posts with questionable content that violates the following agreements as quickly as possible. However, since it will not always be possible to check every single message, the operators ask you to notify them immediately if these agreements are violated.

By clicking this declaration of consent, you confirm that you accept that every contribution to this wiki reflects the opinion of its author and that the administrators, moderators and operators of this wiki are only responsible for their own contributions.

You agree not to post any offensive or derogatory, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, violent, or otherwise criminal content on Pornopedia. Abuses can lead to instant and permanent blocking. The operators, admins and moderators of Pornopedia may give personal data to the authorities. You agree that the operators, admins and moderators of Pornopedia may edit, delete, move, or block any contributions you made.


The use of Pornopedia is free. However, content may only be reused after consultation. The authors of the content, however, may reuse it without consultation.


Users' participation on Pornopedia is voluntary and honorary, with the aim of making the most comprehensive erotic encyclopedia available to interested readers free of charge.

You agree that the data you entered can be saved in our database.

External links

You agree that you don't post any links to websites that show uncensored, explicit sexual content without any adult verification system, or that you use an AVS template.


The external links section in performer articles contains a maximum of 3 links: download link, DVD link and the performer's official website. However, there is no right to a link, e.g. to a specific DVD retailer. More external links are possible in the references section.


The external links section in film articles contains a maximum of 3 links: download link, DVD link and a Blu-ray link. It never contains a link to the website of the label that released the film. More external links are possible in the references section.

Sex acts

The external links section in Sex act articles contains a maximum of 3 links: download link, DVD link and a book link. More external links are possible in the references section.

Affiliate programs

You agree not to use your referrer ID when linking to websites with affiliate programs.

Personality rights

You further agree to be bound by the personality rights of the persons you write about.

Violations of these agreements may result in an immediate and permanent blockage. Operators may disclose connection data and the like to criminal prosecuting authorities in the event of criminal violations.

You, as the author, are required to verify that sensitive data (such as the date of birth or birth name) of persons are already known to the public before entering it in an article. Often in the porn context, actors do not want their birth name to be mentioned. In case of doubt, don't publish the birth name; personal rights are in any case more important than the completeness of an article.

Please note that individuals have the right to delete an article about them at any time.

User contributions

You grant the operators, administrators and moderators of this site the right to remove, edit, move or block contributions at their sole discretion. You agree that the data collected during registration will be stored in a database. Every published word on Pornopedia will be kept forever. Please keep that in mind when submitting any text.

There is no right to an article on Pornopedia.

User accounts

A Pornopedia user account can not be deleted as opposed to usual forums. However, if you wish, your user account can be blocked and your username can be renamed to Blocked user X (X = a number specified by the editing administrator). Your user page and your discussion page can be deleted at any time.

The username is publicly visible. Please take this into account when choosing your username.

You agree not to use a discriminatory user name and/or a name that violates applicable law (e.g. trademark law).

There is no entitlement to a user account at Pornopedia. Your user account can be deactivated at any time. However, this will usually only happen in the event of gross violations of the terms of use.

User pages

User pages are not a place for spam. User pages are intended to introduce yourself, a link to your personal website is also fine, or links to templates and similar things that make working at Pornopedia easier. However, if the impression arises that the user page was created solely to aggressively promote a product, for example through extreme linking, blind links and the like, the user page will be deleted and the user will be blocked and, if necessary, renamed such as User:Blocked user.

Data protection

You can read how Pornopedia handles your data under privacy policy.


Pornopedia uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies are designed for useability. Your email address will be stored for registration purposes and for the case of password recovery, as well as for notifications if you wish.


Pornopedia reserves the right to refuse images due to the protection of minors.


All information provided in the Pornopedia articles is without guarantee. Errors are possible.

Pornopedia is maintained to the best of our knowledge and belief, but errors can occur. This applies in particular to external links to film shops. Before ordering a film, please check whether the actors listed on Pornopedia are actually in the film. If you are unsure (for example because the actors are not mentioned on the cover), ask the respective retailer to be on the safe side. If necessary, also check whether films have the original sound or whether it is a dubbed version.

Pornopedia is not liable for any damage caused by reliance on the accuracy of the information on Pornopedia.

The information provided on Pornopedia does not claim to be current, complete or correct. This applies e.g. for autograph addresses, but is not limited to this.

Through completion of your registration, you agree to these Terms of Service.