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Though Pornopedia admins try to edit or even delete questionable submissions it's not always possible to check every single message. By clicking the ToS checkbox you agree that every submission made by the users are subject to personal opinion and that the admins, moderators and operators of Pornopedia are only responsible for their own contributions.

You agree not to post any offensive, obscene, detractive or punishable content at Pornopedia. Abuses can lead to instant and permanent blocking. The operators, admins and moderators of Pornopedia may give personal data to the authorities. You agree that the operators, admins and moderators of Pornopedia may edit, delete, move or block any contributions you made.

You agree that you don't post any links to websites which show uncensored, explicit sexual content without any adult verification system.

You agree that the data you entered can be saved in our database.

Every single published word on Pornopedia will be kept forever. Please keep that in mind when submitting any text.

A Pornopedia user account can not be deleted as opposed to usual forums. It is possible though to change the user name but Pornopedia gives no guaranty to do so.

Pornopedia uses Cookies to store information on your computer. These Cookies are designed for useability. Your E-Mail adress will be stored for registration purposes only and for the case of password recovery.


Pornopedia reserves the right to refuse images due to the protection of minors.

Through completion of your registration you agree to these Terms of Service.

Personality rights

You further agree to be bound by the personality rights of the persons you write about.

Violations of these agreements may result in an immediate and permanent blockage. Operators may disclose connection data and the like to criminal prosecuting authorities in the event of criminal violations.

You, as the author, are required to verify that sensitive data (such as the date of birth or birth name) of persons are already known to the public before entering it in an article. Often in the porn context, actors do not want their birth name to be mentioned. In case of doubt, don't publish the birth name; the personal rights are in any case more important than the completeness of an article.

Please note that individuals have the right to delete an article about them at any time.