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Pornopedia Monthly Missions

Starting April 1, 2024, you can improve Pornopedia by participating in the monthly missions. Sign up for a mission you like by adding your username to the operator column next to it. New missions will be added during the month. After successfully completing a mission, you can add this month's badge of honor to your profile.


Red links

For the removal of red links, we have a powerful tool at our disposal: this script.


We have intel that many articles that don't exist in the English Pornopedia, exist in the German Pornopedia. So if you're a multilingual operator with the language skills required for such a mission, you can just translate those articles instead of writing them from scratch. If you translate an article, please mention the original article in the edit summary as described in the help section.


English Pornopedia

Red links rule the English Pornopedia with an iron fist, depriving the world of precious knowledge. Bring light into the darkness, by creating new articles or secure the area by disarming traps: Remove red links to movie articles that won't be created anytime soon and save people wandering the Pornopedia from stumbling and falling into the depths of empty pages.

Pornopedia Data

Chaos reigns on Pornopedia Data. Bring back order: delete old items, create new ones, copy the content of the old ones into the new ones and redirect the old items to the new items.

Missions (July 2024)

Number Region Assignment Operator Status
1 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q39 Till Kraemer ✔️
2 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q40
3 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q41
4 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q42
5 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q43
6 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q45
7 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q46
8 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q47
9 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q48
10 Pornopedia Data Fix item Q49
11 English Pornopedia Create article Sasha Blonde Till Kraemer ✔️

Mission statuses:

  • Ongoing: ▶
  • Completed: ✔️
  • Failed: ❌


All missions can be found in the archive.

Hall of Fame

A list of participants can be found in the Hall of Fame.


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