Mammary intercourse

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Mammary intercourse, also known as titjob, titfucking, paizuri, boob fuck, and espanhola, is the sex act of a woman's breasts stimulating a man's penis. Mammary intercourse can be considered foreplay, and it can be the "main course."


During mammary intercourse, the man's penis is squeezed between his partner's breasts, often with the female putting pressure on both breasts toward the penis to squeeze it harder. A few positions can accomplish this; the woman can lie on her back with the man straddling her torso, the man can sit in a chair with the woman stroking him while sitting, or the man can lie back with the woman moving her breasts on him.

Mammary intercourse can be combined with other sex acts; for example, with sufficient penis length, a man can be stroked by a woman's breasts and be fellated simultaneously. Handjobs can also be incorporated. If mammary intercourse leads to ejaculation, the cumshot can end as a pearl necklace.