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You'd like to join Pornopedia? Great! There is always something to do and every helping hand is welcome.

To do

Monthly Missions

Improve Pornopedia by participating in the monthly missions.


You know a date of a certain event? Please add it to the news section of an article (for Leonie Saint it would be Leonie Saint#News). News can also be published on the Pornopedia main page.

Missing data

In many articles, data like height, color of eyes and something like that is missing. Those articles can be found in the following categories:

Please note though that certain data is not intended to be published. For example, some actors don't want to publish their year of birth.

Missing articles

There is a list of wanted articles. Feel free to add them.


You can add movies pretty easily by using Pornopedia:Style sheet film.

In many film articles content descriptions are missing. Please take a look if that's also true for your favorite movies and if so, please add content to those articles.

Attention: If you create an article about the first part of a series, please check if the movie already exists with or without a 1, for example Belladonna's Party of Feet and Belladonna's Party of Feet 1 (the version with the 1 should always redirect to the version without a number). Also, be careful with titles that start with "The" (please always redirect to the version with "The").

Male and transsexual actors

Many male and transsexual porn actors (hetero and gay) articles are still missing.


Stubs are short articles that should be expanded. A list of stubs can be found here.


If you find videos of actors on YouTube and other video websites, please embed them in the video section of an article like Leonie_Saint#Videos.

Other languages

Pornopedia is not available in your favorite language? Request a new language version by sending a mail to the admin or writing on his talk page. You can also suggest the new language version in the Pornopedia Discord server or the Pornopedia Telegram group.