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Porn actors at work

Porn actors are women, men and transsexuals of all preferences, who perform real sex in front of a camera.

The international most famous porn actors are (among others) Rocco Siffredi, Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson and John Holmes. The most famous actors alive in Germany are (among others) Dolly Buster and Gina Wild. In Sweden Puma Swede and lesser known Doctor Prober


There are healths risks in being a porn actor since most of the time no condom is used. Especially sexually transmissible diseases like chlamydia and gonorrhea are common, but there are also actors who have been infected by HIV.

Every 14 days till 4 weeks German actors have do a STD test in a laboratory. By now the so-called fulltest is very common which includes tests like HIV, hepatitis C, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Depending on the laboratory the test costs over 100 Euro in Europe and generally has to be paid by the actor.

Some doctors recommend a hepatitis b vaccination. An HPV vaccination may also make sense; this can be clarified with a doctor.

To avoid the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, some actresses only film with their regular partners. You may not be booked as often, but on the other hand, you will save money on medical treatment costs.


Some porn actors earn additional money with their own website or with shows and autograph sessions and some actors work for websites like MyDirtyHobby.[1]


Actors should be aware that when they sign a contract with a studio, they usually give up all rights to the image. The rights are usually given for an unlimited period of time and across media, which means that even 10 years after the actor has stopped filming, he or she can still appear in a television advertisement for 0900 numbers.

If the actor is seen in a television report about a porn shoot, it may happen that the caretaker or neighbors talk to him about it. It is also possible that the actor is recognized on the street or on the train. Those around him may also react with contempt, while others may pat him on the back.

In the age of the internet, every performer must be aware that the internet never forgets anything, and even long after the actor has left the porn industry, pictures and videos of the performer can circulate on the internet for everyone to access.

Getting started

You can start your porn-acting career by producing pornographic content yourself. You can upload it on MyDirtyHobby[1] or OnlyFans. You can also publish your content on Pornhub, xHamster or FapHouse, and XVideos/XNXX.


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