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The chronological list of events relevant to pornography happened in 2018


  • January 8: the American pornographic actress Olivia Nova died of undisclosed caused at the age of 20.[1]
  • January 18: the American pornographic actress Olivia Lua died of drug overdose at the age of 23.[2]


  • March 1: The American multinational technology company Microsoft amended its Terms of service banning offensive content or language from its services.[3]
  • March 27: Seven pornographic film actresses reported that their pornographic contents stored on the file storage and synchronization service Google Drive had been blocked.[4]


  • April 11: The United States of America enacted the anti sex trafficking legislation nicknamed SESTA-FOSTA.[5][6][7]
  • April 24: Colombian pornographic actress Amaranta Hank pledged to perform her first gang bang if the Colombian economist and politician Gustavo Petro would win the Colombian 2018 presidential election.[8]


  • May 22: the American social networking service Facebook started testing a reporting tool for nonconsensual pornography and revenge pornography.[9][10]
  • May 29: the American social networking service Instagram shadowbanned posts tagged with the hashtag #Stripper.[11]


  • October 4: the Nepalese Government ordered Nepalese Internet Service Providers to block more than 24.000 pornographic websites in order to curb sexual harassment.[12]


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