Danny Dukes

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Danny Dukes
Date of birth:January 28, 1974
(50 years ago)[1]
Place of birth:United States[1]
Date of death:December 3, 2007
(aged 33)[2]
Number of films:13[1]

Danny Dukes (born Daniel Salas Jr.; January 28, 1974 – December 3, 2007) was an American porn star and talent agent.[1][2]

Early life

Dukes was born in the United States and he was of Latino descent.[1]


Dukes entered the porn industry as a performer in 2002 and later became a talent agent.[3]

Personal life

Dukes was found dead in the San Fernando Valley location of Redd Rose Talent Management on December 3, 2007.[2][3] He died of kidney failure after mixing OxyContin with alcohol.[2][3] He had a son.[2]


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