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Ero Chains
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Slogan: Dominator of the Weaving
Founded: January 2008
Headquarters: Schwabmünchen, Bayern, Germany
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Ero Chains is a chain fashion shop.


Since 2008, The label "Ero Chains" is on the market. Ero Chains is a trendsetter in Chain Fashion.

Ero Chains has transported the medieval art of "chain braiding" into the presence and "diverted from its intended use" through new designs.

Especially the sections eroticism, swingers, film and show benefits from the masterly skill, since Ero chains can develop cross-over products through collaborations with other labels. Materials like vinyl, leather and fabric are used. Therefore nearly all customer requests can be realized.

Ero Chains has a broad portfolio of designs, which covers the sections clothing, lingerie, accessories and jewelry.

In the jewelery section, Ero Chains processes not only nickel-free aluminum but also the metals titanium (anodized), niobium, Sterling silver and white, yellow and rose gold and platinum in all known levels of quality. Also semiprecious stones and real gems are part of the spectrum.

Through type-oriented consulting, customization, 100% handcraft and the skin-friendly materials aluminum (nickel-free and food safe) and titanium, Ero Chains is in a position to actualize unique copies to make the client's ideas become reality. But the label's own designs and collections already cover a large portion of customers' needs.

The label Ero Chains is known through media, fashion shows and many public exhibitions.

Press coverage

Name Title Medium Year
Spiegel TV Frivole Geschäftsideen - Kreativ im Reich der Sinne TV



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