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ExoClick is a European online advertising company whose terms and conditions of service include texts and/or images of sex acts.


2006: Proof of concept

Exoclick was founded in Barcelona, E.U. in 2006 [1][2] by the European programmer and web developer Benjamin Fonzé.[2] Fonzé created a proof of concept for an online advertising platform to monetize the contents of his friends websites.[3]

2007 - present: Exoclick

In 2007 the amount of revenues generated by the proof of concept convinced Fonzé to transform it into a product and brand it as Exoclick.[3] In the early years Exoclick tried to compete with the online advertising platform Google AdSense without success. [4] Fonzé realized that Exoclick's most profitable client was an online gambling company whose business activity was not allowed by Google Adsense's terms and conditions of service.[4] Fonzé decided to promote Exoclick in the markets where Google did not want to partecipate, gambling and sex industries.[4]

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