Kimi Lixx

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Kimi Lixx
Date of birth:September 3, 1968
(age: 55) Virgo[1]
Place of birth:Lorain, Ohio, United States[2]
Number of films:52[1]

Kimi Lixx (born September 3, 1968) is an American former porn star.

Early life

Lixx was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio.[2] She is of English and Lebanese descent.[1] She attended college and majored in genetics and virology, but dropped out one semester before graduation.[3]


Lixx shot her first scene on June 15, 2000 with Herschel Savage for Fuck-u-mentary.[2] She did bachelor parties before and during her porn career.[2][3]

Personal life

Lixx got married at 15 years old and later divorced that person.[3]