Kimmy Lee

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Kimmy Lee
Date of birth:March 10, 1982
(age: 42) Pisces[1]
Place of birth:Compton, California, United States[1]
Ethnicity:French, Russian, Vietnamese[1]
Number of films:50[1]

Kimmy Lee (born March 10, 1982) is an American porn star.

Early life

Lee was born in Compton, California and she is of French, Russian, and Vietnamese descent.[1] In high school, she was part of the academic decathlon.[2] She has described herself as having been "a total goth geek" and "the funny fat girl" at the time.[2] She also referred to herself and her "few good friends" as outcasts.[2]


At 18 years old, Lee had a brief stint in the porn industry before becoming a pastry chef.[2] She moved to Florida and started webcam modeling before returning to porn in November 2013 and joining Ideal Image Models.[2]