Kylie Kalvetti

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Kylie Kalvetti
Date of birth:June 12, 1992
(age: 31) Gemini[1]
Place of birth:San Jose, California, United States[2]
Ethnicity:Finnish, Mexican, Spanish, Swedish[3]
Number of films:27[1]

Kylie Kalvetti (born June 12, 1992) is an American porn star.

Early life

Kalvetti was born and raised in San Jose, California.[2] She is of Finnish, Mexican, Spanish, and Swedish descent.[3] She attended Catholic school and was a cheerleader.[2] At 16 years old, she moved with her mother to Kansas City.[2] She lost her virginity there to another virgin in a closet at a party she had snuck out of her house to attend.[2] She later moved to Las Vegas.[4] She had sex with approximately 3 women and between 50 and 60 men before getting into porn.[2]


At 18 years old, Kalvetti worked at Hooters.[2] She also worked at a sex store before entering the porn industry in December 2014.[2] She does webcam modeling as well.[2] Her first time squirting was with Porno Dan and Sara Jay in New Girl in Town 20.[5] For her stage name, she came upon Calvetti, which she thought would be "cute" spelled with a K, while looking up Italian names because she was always told she looked Italian.[2] She then rattled off names she thought "went good" with Kalvetti.[2]