Maripily Rivera

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Maripily Rivera
Date of birth: June 15, 1977
(age: 40) Gemini
Place of birth: Ponce, Puerto Rico
Birth name: María del Pilar Rivera Borrero

Maripily Rivera (Born María del Pilar Rivera Borrero, June 15, 1977 in Ponce, Puerto Rico) is a model/former TV show co-hostess and aspiring actress...

Early Career

Maripily began her formal foray into the world of modeling in 1995 when taking part in the Miss Puerto Rico Petite pageant, representing the people of Peñuelas, finishing among the 12 semifinalists. From that moment on, her name became one of the most sought after in the Island. The merengue group and Grammy winners, Grupomanía picked her to be the central figure in their video Me miras y te miro that work earned her recognition in all the media. The excellent talent to work in front of the camera and catwalks was born during her childhood years, when the artist used to model at home and imitate various celebrity figures. In 1997 the first poster appears in the weekly section of Bombon (Candy) in the newspaper Primera Hora. This work earned her being selected for El poder de la semana (The power of the Week) for the TV Show No te duermas. The host of the video was so impressed that later she was hired to be part of the group that hosted the show in which she participated for two years.

Solo Nude modeling, calendars and Entrepreneur career

After her gig on TV she went on to make a successful series of ever more provoking calendars, her daring photo calendars for 1999 and 2000 were some of the most sold throughout Puerto Rico. Apart from her facet as an artist, she also suceeded as a businesswoman opening a boutique specializing in swimwear and accessories for women that carry her name. Among the long-term projects is to franchisee the boutiques inside and outside of the island.

She has also maintained a rigorous physical training to break into the world of acting. Among her resume are studies in communications and journalism.


After a series of romantic flings Maripily gives birth to her one and only son José Antonio García, born on November 14, 2001, 2 months prematurely.


In January 2008, her then boyfriend Juan Melendez Otero, president and CEO of the First Financial Group in Hato Rey was found dead inside his vehicle at 7:50 in the morning of Friday January 25th at road PR-385, Peñuelas. He had committed suicide using a revolver, 38 caliber and short barrel, with which he shot himself in the right side of the head. Before that Maripily and her apparent arch rival Yadira Hidalgo had a bitter argument over the relationship each had with the man in question, this was not the last time the 2 would be facing off as about almost a year latter when she becomes former baseball player Roberto Alomar's love interest Yadira Hidalgo files a lawsuit claiming that Alomar had HIV, also another female celebrity which she had been at odds with before Gisselle takes an HIV test in response. The media is bombarded with insults and counterinsults from all parties and Maripily staunchly defends Alomar saying is all lies which turns out to be correct when after Alomar took an HIV test himself it came back negative causing the lawsuit and the scandal to vanish.


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