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A Playboy Playmate is a female model, whose pictures appear in the men's magazine Playboy.

Playboy, a magazine founded in 1953, was especially successful because of the full page pictures of at first scantily clad, later nude women.

Marilyn Monroe, who appeared in the center pages of the firs issue, was not yet presented as a Playmate but as "Sweetheart of the Month". The first "Playmate of the Month" was in the second issue (January 1954): It was Margie Harrison.

Janet Pilgrim was the first Playmate on a double page in June 1955. Since the issue of March 1956 there is a three page fly-out in the middle of the magazine, the so-called Centerfold.

Liv Lindeland was the first Playmate whose pubic hair was visible. She appeared in the January issue of the year 1971.