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Slogan: It makes your dick bigger & gets your pussy wet
Founded: May 25 2007
Owner: MG Freesites Ltd. (MindGeek subsidiary)
Employees: n/a
Type: live video streaming
social media
social networking
Language(s): Multilanguage (10)
Revenue: n/a
Official website

Pornhub is a free of charge pornographic social media, social networking and live video streaming service website, operated by MG Freesites which is a Mindgeek holding company subsidiary.

Personal data

In 2019 the magazine Vice revealed that the company who owned Pornhub had sold personal data of users to the advertising platform TrafficStars.[1]

In the media

  • On August 10, 2018 the American Hip hop music singer, songwriter and record producer Kanye West stated “I still look at Pornhub. Blacked is my favourite category.” on the American talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live![2]

External resources


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