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Personal information

Be sure that personal data such as a porn actress's birth name is really intended for the public and can be mentioned in an erotic context such as Pornopedia. If you are not sure, it is better not to provide this information.


The language of an article should be kept simple and understandable. For categories, short and concise names should be used, i.e. Category:Anal rather than Category:Anal Sex, Category:DP rather than Category:Double Penetration, etc.

The articles should be worded as neutrally as possible and avoid using fecal language.


Everything that is known to the public is relevant and can be entered into Pornopedia, i.e. actors who have made at least one film or been seen on TV at least once and all companies regardless of the turnover they make.

Youth protection

Please do not enter links to hardcore sites where sexual intercourse is already explicitly visible in the free area, or use the Template:AVS.


Be considerate when editing articles. Please do not make any stylistic changes to texts by other authors without prior consultation (with the author or admin).

Deletion of single sentences

Please do not delete any sentences or paragraphs from an article without prior consultation (with the author or admin).


Do not use your own affiliate links. Pay attention to the Youth protection on links.

Deletion of articles

Articles may be deleted if a retired porn actress wishes so. This can happen if a former porn actress changes her life and leaves the porn industry completely. Some former actresses want to delete all porn-related search results.

New Users

New users are sometimes not yet familiar with the Pornopedia rules. Please be patient with them and help them find their way here.

It happens that new users delete links from articles without consultation and instead post their own links, some of which do not comply with the German youth protection guidelines.

Please kindly point this out to the new user on their discussion page, e.g. with a text like this:

"Hello <Username>, welcome to Pornopedia and thank you for your contributions! However, please never delete any links without prior consultation (for example, Pornopedia is financed through the download and DVD links, see also Pornopedia#Financing). If you post links to sites that already show hardcore material in the free area, please use the Template:AVS. If you have any questions, I am always available. Thank you, best regards and have a nice day, --<Signature>".

If the user makes the same mistake three times and clearly only uses Pornopedia to spam, the user will be banned indefinitely.