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Succubus Arts
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Succubus Arts is a website showcasing erotic and Fantasy paintings by artist Gregory Scaff.

The website sells explicit, acrylic paintings of vulva or breast close-ups, or paintings with Mythological Furry, or BDSM themes, such as "Pin-Up Faeries, Cat-Girls, Mermaids, Devil-Chicks, Naked Centaurs...In Lust, In Bondage and In Love."

Their Facebook page refers to art galleries that censored their art as "porn art".[1]

Additionally, Succubus Arts displays paintings called "fleshographs" which are impressions of vagina, penises and breasts, and also "orgasmagraphs", which are painted impressions of vulvas at the moment of orgasm.

Initially, Succubus Arts sold a line of unique, handcrafted sex toys through Boston's Fetish Fair. These were Tiger Tail Paint Whips, Slave Stamp Paddles, spiked fiber optic wands, and long art paddles. Art paddles were long black wooden paddles with prints of paintings embedded on them. [2]

Succubus Arts also displays a number of paintings made with pubic hair, menstrual blood or human semen.

Info can also be found on the Fleshographs and paint whips website.[3]


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