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Welcome to Pornopedia, the erotic encyclopedia that everyone can edit. Pornopedia is a Wiki project to create a free knowledge base about pornography, erotica, sexuality and everything related to it including actors, directors, movies, books, toys. Pornopedia contains 4,531 articles in English supervised by 5 active users. Feel like writing? Please check out the help section.

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Alicia Rio (born February 12, 1971 in La Capita, Mexico), also known as Carmin, is a Mexican porn actress.

In 1971, Alicia Rio was born in Mexico.

In 1990, about the age of 19, Alicia started her career as a porn actress. Since then, she appeared in over 290 movies and worked for studios like Sin City, Heatwave and Elegant Angel.

Since 2004, Rio is in the AVN Hall of Fame.

Alicia Rio has been photographed by Dirty Bob among others. more

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Did you know...

  • Anilingus is a sexual act. The anus of the partner is coddled by tongue and mouth.
  • Denudation is the pulling back of the foreskin and the exposure of the glans.
  • Psychrocism is the sexual arousal by freezing people.