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Welcome to Pornopedia, the erotic encyclopedia that everyone can edit. Pornopedia is a Wiki project to create a free knowledge base about pornography, erotica, sexuality and everything related to it including actors, directors, movies, books, toys. Pornopedia contains 4,812 articles in English supervised by 4 active users. Feel like writing? Please check out the help section.

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Tianna Taylor (born March 8 in Malibu, California, USA), also known as Cheri Raven and Dolly Barton, is a former American porn actress.

Tianna Taylor was born in California, USA.

In 1990, Tianna started her career as a porn actress. Since then, she appeared in over 110 movies and worked for studios like Legend, VCA and Heatwave.

In 1998, Taylor ended her career as a porn actress.

Tianna Taylor has been photographed by Dirty Bob among others. more

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  • Anilingus is a sexual act. The anus of the partner is coddled by tongue and mouth.
  • Denudation is the pulling back of the foreskin and the exposure of the glans.
  • Psychrocism is the sexual arousal by freezing people.