Brittany Andrews

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Brittany Andrews
Hair color:Blond
Number of films:264
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Brittany Andrews (born August 13, 1973) is a former American porn actress.

Brittany Andrews photographed by Dirty Bob


Zodiac sign: Leo


In 1995, around the age of 22, Brittany Andrews started her career as a porn actress. She appeared in over 260 movies and worked for studios like Vivid, Flying Leap and Wicked.

In 2007, Brittany appeared in "The Tyra Banks Show". The topic: webcam girls.

In February 2008, Andrews ended her career as a porn actress

Brittany is in the "AVN Hall of Fame" since 2008.

Brittany Andrews has been photographed by Glenn Francis and Dirty Bob among others.

Filmography (selection)

Title Studio Year
Jenna's Star Power Wicked


  • 2008: AVN Hall of Fame

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