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Celina Davis
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Date of birth: April 11
Measurements: 92-69-81 cm (36-27-32 in)
Bra size: 75 D
Height: 154 cm (5 ft +12 in)
Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
Eye color: blue
Hair color: blond
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Celina Davis (born April 11) is a German porn actress.

Celina Davis


Age: 26 (in 2012)
Size: 34
Breasts: silicone
Intimate shaving: shaved
Languages: German
Specials: piercings, full lips

Celina Davis


Celina Davis grew up in a small village in the district of Pinneberg in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, well sheltered between fields and cows.

Celina had to end her apprenticeship due to a car accident. Davis moved to Hamburg to be near her boyfriend. She did a lot of time-work: in a bakery, a warehouse at Hamburg Airport and also in a Kindergarten. Celina also worked at the Hamburg soccer club HSV for 3 years, where she was a parking cashier. When the games started, Celina was allowed to watch them in the stadium, which she liked.

In 2007, Celina Davis wanted to change her life in order to make new experiences. She met a man over the Internet and within two days, she moved to Baden-Württemberg, after leaving her longtime boyfriend who eventually took her back. Although they didn't become a couple again right away, they still moved in together.

In 2008, Celina went through a change. She found a few girlfriends in the city and lost about 15 kg. Celina was suddenly open-minded, cheerful and not excessively jealous anymore. Davis wanted to go out and stopped being a couch potato. She started to get all dolled up more and more and partied with her girlfriends.

At the end of 2009, Celina was tired being a single and came together with her boyfriend for whom she originally moved to Hamburg.

Celina eventually had enough of time-work and authorities which made her so angry, that she didn't want their help anymore.

By happenstance, Davis started to work in the erotic industry which she likes. She loves to show herself and to discover new skin. She also loves to slip into other roles in the movies. She likes to have sex with surplus of men, that's why she also is a party girl at Saskia Farell.

In the future, Celina wants to continue to work in the erotic industry. She wants to do amateur porn movies where also fans can be a part of. On her website Davis wants to present movies and pictures and the latest news about her.

Celina works as a showgirl for several kinds of events and wants to do more in the world of media. Davis states that she has a lot of fun taking new challenges and discovering new things and says that she is changeable and good in adjusting herself to new things while having fun but still working professional.

Davis wants to do shoots for studios like Penthouse, Private and Vivid and really would like work in the USA.

Celina Davis already worked for Saboom and appeared on TV shows like "Britt" and "Die Torten Tuner".

Celina was on the cover of Happy Weekend and on the "Nachtschwärmer Exklusiv". She also was a "Nippelbombergirl" for Stephan Dicke. Davis was at the Hamburger Harley Days and at the Eros & Amore fair in Ingolstadt. Celina also had a shoot for the sportswear brand "Jailhouse".

Celina Davis


Title Studio Year
Fickelodeon Magma
Lena Nitro - Doppelte Lust Videorama
Vivian Schmitt - Heiße Nächte Videorama
Zicken ficken Inflagranti


Celina Davis


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