Jamie Barry

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Jamie Barry
Occupation:porn actor
Number of films:23
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Jamie Barry is a porn actor.


In 2010, Jamie Barry started his career as a porn actor. Since then, he appeared in over 20 movies and worked for studios like Girlguru, Daring and Wicked.

Filmography (selection)

Title Studio Year
Ben Dover's Motor Birds 2 Bluebird Films 2010
Between the Cheeks Harmony Films 2011
British Heat Bluebird Films 2011
Chloe's Column: Fuck Fame Wicked Pictures 2011
Decadent Divas Harmony Films 2011
Fashion Daring 2010
Fuck Dollz Harmony Films 2012
Geisha Daring 2010
Girlguru - Abigail Johnson Girlguru
Girlguru - Leonelle Knoxville Girlguru 2011
House of Pleasure Daring 2011
Informers Daring 2011
Ink Daring 2010
Man Trap Wicked Pictures 2011
Nights At The Museum Bluebird Films 2011
Parking Assistance Bluebird Films 2011
Past Times Daring 2011
Portland Manor Daring 2011
Preach to the Perverted Harmony Films 2011
Pure Obsession Daring 2011
Rock Chicks Daring 2011
Suds and Sluts Bluebird Films 2011
Twisted Harmony Films 2012


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