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Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels.jpg
Stormy Daniels, photo: Glenn Francis
Date of birth: March 17, 1979
(age: 40) Pisces
Place of birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
Measurements: 102-69-91 cm (40-27-36 in)
Bra size: 80 E (36DD)
Height: 170 cm (5 ft 7 in)
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Shoe size: 7
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blond
Ethnicity: American
Alias(es): Stormy Waters, Stormy
Number of films: A: 207 (D: 83)
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Stephanie Gregory Clifford (born March 17, 1979), known by the stage name Stormy Daniels is an American candidate, erotic dancer, pornographic film actress and director.

Early life

Stephanie Gregory Clifford was born in Baton Rouge, U.S.A. on March 17, 1979.[1][2] Clifford’s parents divorced when she was four years old. She was raised by her mother [3] in a low-income household when there were days without electricity.[4] She attended a magnet school in Louisiana.[5] In high school she had good grades without studying.[5] She was the editor of the student magazine and president of the 4-H club.[3]


In 1996 at 17 years old Daniels started erotic dancing underage in Baton Rouge.[5] She chose the stage name Stormy because her father had considered naming her Stormy and the American musician Nikki Sixx had a son named Storm.[6] She chose the stage name Daniels after seeing an advertisement for American whiskey Jack Daniel’s which read "… a Southern favorite".[7] While working as erotic dancer she met with American pornographic actress Devon Michaels whom introduced her to pornographic acting.[8] In 2002 Clifford appeared in the American television documentary series Real Sex where she is seen participating in 2001 Miss Nude Great Plains Contest.[9] In 2005 she appeared in the American comedy film The 40-Year-Old Virgin when the main character watches a scene from the American pornographic film Space Nuts.[10] In 2007 she acted in the American comedy film Knocked Up with American pornographic actress Nautica Thorn.[11] They played two pole dancers in Las Vegas. In 2007 she acted in the American television series Dirt in which she played a stripper.[12][13] In 2007 she acted as a pole dancer in the music video for the song "Wake Up Call” by American band Maroon 5.[14] In 2014 Clifford was inducted in both AVN Hall of Fame[15] and XRCO Hall of Fame.[16] She was a regular guest of the American radiophonic show The Bubba the Love Sponge Show.

Personal life

2003 - 2005: Marriage to Pat Myne

From 2003 to 2005 Daniels was married to the American pornographic film actor and director Pat Myne.[17][18] In 2004 she acted in the American pornographic film The Perfect Stormy with him.[19]

2006 - 2007: Sexual relationship with Donald Trump

In July 2006 Clifford made a promotional appearance for the American pornographic film production company Wicked Pictures at the 17th edition of American golf competition American Century Championship at the Lake Tahoe, U.S.A..[20] She was brought to the golf course to greet the players and was introduced to then American businessman and future President of the United States of America Donald John Trump.[21] She was visited by Trump at the gift suite of Wicked Pictures and posed with him for a photo.[20] Clifford had dinner with him in his penthouse at the hotel Harrah’s Lake Tahoe the same day.[21] During dinner she was asked about the Sex industry and the amount of her royalty payments.[21] She was offered the role of contestant in the American reality television program The Apprentice[21] presented by Trump and released on the American broadcast television network National Broadcasting Company.[22] Trump explained the appearence would had been a success because the audience would had thought her to be an idiot with blond hair and big boobs and later discover she was a talented businesswoman.[21] She expressed to him her doubts about the National Broadcasting Company starring a pornographic film actress in that particular television program and dared him to make it happen.[21] After dinner Clifford and Trump had a sexual intercourse and during the sexual act she was afraid that Trump would had thought she was a prostitute and offer to pay her.[21] After the tournament she engaged in a sexual relationship with Trump.[20] In January 2007 Clifford and Tera Patrick attended the launch party for the American brand of vodka Trump Vodka at the Les Deux nightclub in Los Angeles at the invitation of Trump.[20] In March 2007 she attended the American beauty pageant Miss USA owned by Trump at the invitation of Trump.[20] She met with Trump once at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, U.S.A. and once at the Trump tower in New York.[20]

2007 - 2009: Marriage to Michael Mosny

2010 - 2011: Marriage to Glendon Crain

In 2010 Clifford got pregnant by then boyfriend American pornographic actor Glendon Crain but kept her pregnancy secret to avoid critics.[23] After the pregnancy became public she received personal attacks alleging she was undeserving to be a mother.[24] In 2011 she gave birth to a daughter.[24]

2016 - present: Non disclosure agreement with Donald Trump

In October 2016 she signed a non-disclosure agreement with Trump that precluded her from publicly discussing their sexual relationship upon payment of $ 130.000.[25] On January 12, 2018 Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen released a statement from Daniels claiming that her involvement with Trump was limited to public appearances and she never received hush money from him.[26]


  • 2003: Adam Film World - Contract Babe of the Year
  • 2004: AVN Award - Best New Starlet
  • 2005: CAVR Award - Star of the Year
  • 2006: AVN Award - Best Supporting Actress (Video)
  • 2007: AVN Award - Contract Star of the Year
  • 2008: AVN Award - Crossover Star of the Year


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