Suzi Suzuki

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Suzi Suzuki
Suzi Suzuki.jpg
Suzi Suzuki photographed by Dirty Bob
Date of birth: May 3, 1972
(age: 46) Taurus
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Alias(es): Cherry Blossom, Christie
Number of films: 79
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Suzi Suzuki (born May 3, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan), also known as Cherry Blossom, is a Japanese porn actress.


Favorite singer: Ella Fitzgerald
Favorite movie: Dances with Wolves
Favorite flower: Rose
Favorite color: Rot
Favorite dish: Mirugai


In 1972, Suzi Suzuki was born in Tokyo, Japan.

In 1994, about the age of 18, Suzi started her career as a porn actress. Since then, she appeared in over 70 movies and worked for studios like Elegant Angel, Rosebud and Heatwave.

Suzi Suzuki has been photographed by Dirty Bob among others.

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